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5 Great Neck Exercises

Keeping your neck relaxed and stretched will release tension from the rest of your body.

Do you ever feel as though you have a stiff neck or can you literally feel the muscles knotting up in your neck? If so, a few easy exercises will help loosen your neck muscles. Some of these benefit your shoulders as well.

Chin-Chest Touch

Sit or stand and gently bend your head forward as far as you can, as though you were trying to touch your chin to your chest. Don’t push it; as soon as you feel tension, stop, hold the position for a few seconds and raise your head. Repeat three to five times.

Shoulder-Ear Touch

Start with your head straight, then slowly bend your neck to the left or the right, as though you were trying to touch your ear to your shoulder. Do not bring your shoulder up, keep it as still as possible. Do this three to five times on each side.

Hand-Head Push

Hold your head straight, and place one hand, palm flat, against one side of your head. Now, try to bend your head sideways towards your shoulder as you push against it with your hand. Hold this position for approximately five seconds. Repeat this three to five times, then switch sides.

Hand-Forehead Push

Use both hands to push against your forehead as you try to bring your head forward. Hold this position for five seconds and repeat three to five times.

Back of Head Push

Place both hands behind your head. You can interlock your fingers, place one hand on top of the other, or simply place your hands however you want against the back of your head. Now, try to tilt your head back while pushing with your hands. Hold this position for a few seconds, then repeat it three to five times.

Exercises for neck routines can easily be incorporated into your daily workout schedule. Doing these neck exercises will help you keep your neck relaxed, which will help you feel better.

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