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Best Compact Exercise Equipment

You can get a great workout at home without turning your living room into a home gym.

Compact exercise equipment is exactly that --- equipment that has been scaled down so that it fits in a smaller space, but still provides an effective workout. Some pieces of compact exercise equipment have also been designed to be portable, making it easy to travel with your workout.

The best compact exercise equipment is that which meets your fitness needs. When you consider the large variety of compact exercise equipment available, finding something that fits both your fitness level and the space available for storage should be easy.

Small Exercise Chairs

Sometimes referred to as weight benches or fitness benches, the compact variations have all the amenities of full-size ones including padded back support and a seating area. The support and legs are collapsible for easy storage or portability.

Elliptical Equipment

On many models, this is simply the foot pedal portion of an elliptical machine. This means that there usually are no bars or handles for balance or arm exercise routines. Using this equipment may take time to get acclimated to, so use caution to avoid injuries.

Pedal Exercisers

These are small machines with pedals on either side. Slip your feet into the pedals for a lower body workout or your hands for an upper body workout.


Compact treadmills look just like the regular ones but smaller. They still have the walking surface, balance bar and other features, but they can be folded for storage.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are probably the most compact and portable of all exercise equipment. They can be easily folded or stored .

Exercise Mats

Often used for Pilates or Yoga routines, exercise mats are compact home gym equipment pieces and help to make exercising more comfortable.

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