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Best Gym Equipment to Use at Home

The best home exercise equipment is that which fits your space and will give you a full body workout.

The best home gym equipment will fit well through the doorways and hallways of your home, require little maintenance and work several areas of the body. Gym equipment that doesn’t take up too much space is also desirable, especially for people who don’t have a dedicated gym or recreation room in their homes.

Cardio Equipment

According to exercise guide Paige Waehner of, there is no cardio exercise that’s better than another as long as the exercise raises your heart rate. So the cardio equipment you choose should be that of your personal preference. If you have arthritic knees or don’t enjoy running on hard ground, opt for an elliptical trainer or recumbent exercise bike. For those who enjoy sprinting or jogging, a treadmill might be a great option.

Strength Training Equipment

The best gym equipment to use at home as far as strength training equipment is concerned is the piece that best meets your fitness goals. If your goal is to tone your muscle, but not to become a bodybuilder, you don’t necessarily need to biggest home gym on the market.

Choose a piece that has variations of arm, leg and abdominal exercises. Many of these home gym machines can be used in several different sitting and standing positions, which also allows exercisers to work their back and chest muscles.

Free Weights

Some exercise enthusiasts are content with free weights and would rather not purchase a large home gym machine. Kettlebells are a popular free weight option, and they can stored in a small space. According to, kettlebells work the entire body, not just the arms, back and shoulders as many would assume.

Many people might consider barbells and dumbbells should not be overlooked. There are countless exercises users can do at home by themselves with varied dumbbell weights. These are especially useful for working the arms, abdominal section and upper legs.

Exercise Bands

Exercise bands, also known as resistance bands, come in various shapes, sizes and levels of difficulty. These are useful not only for weight training and muscle toning but also for sports rehabilitation and stretching. Don’t overlook these practical home gym tools just because they seem simplistic. They, too, are some of the best gym equipment to use at home.

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