Reach Your Fitness Goals

Exercise for Teens

Getting teens active and off the couch can be difficult, but it is possible to find ways to entice them.

In a world where texting and video games are so prevalent, it’s often hard to convince teenagers to work some physical activity into their lives. Providing fun exercise for teens is often the key to getting them off their phones and into shape.

Exercise Fashionably

Some teens are self-conscious about the way they look when they exercise. Getting sweaty, ruining a hairstyle or smearing off makeup can determine a teen’s attitude toward exercise. Offset this fashion complex by taking your teen shopping for a new workout outfit. Let them pick their own exercise tanks and shorts. Help them choose a supportive exercise shoe that will support their feet while they work out and look trendy at the same time.

Give Them Some Music

Entice your teens to get moving with some brand new music. Buy them a new CD or offer to purchase digital downloads to load on their MP3 players or iPod devices. Teens often get bored exercising to generic dance music or repetitive aerobic tunes, so providing them the ability to listen to their own music while they exercise will take some of the boredom out of their workouts.

Pick High Energy Activities

According to, taking teens to skating rinks, skate parks and kick-boxing classes are great ways to get teens to exercise. It’s kind of like masking nutrients in tasty fruit juice – teens don’t know they’re getting the exercise they need if they’re having high-octane fun. These sorts of activities serve as great aerobic exercise for teens.

Let Them Exercise with Friends

If your teens are inseparable from their best buds, consider letting them exercise together. Teens are more likely to participate in an activity if their friends are doing it with them. They might even challenge themselves to friendly competitions that will further their exercise progress.

Reward Progress

Offer to purchase a tasty health drink every so often for your teen to drink while they exercise. Or, draw up a set of fitness goals with your teen and reward them with a non-consumable item when that goal is reached.

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