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Exercises in the Pool

Working out in a pool is a fun, refreshing, and low impact way to exercise and anyone can do it.

Did you know that you can get physically fit by performing exercises in the pool? Pool workouts are good for keeping kids active, an individual who wants to tone up, or a senior trying to build strength.

Pool Exercises for Kids

Kids don’t worry about what they look like when they exercise and are satisfied to play games in the pool that might look a bit silly. They can remain completely oblivious to the fact that the games they’re playing are good for their cardio and muscle health.

Kids can benefit twofold from exercises in the pool. Not only is such exercise healthy, they will learn to overcome their fear of water, according to “Family Fun” magazine. Hosting a timed scavenger hunt game by throwing sinkable objects in the pool will challenge kids to work fast to find objects underwater and work extra hard to bring them up as quickly as possible.

Pool Exercises for Adults

Activities that are otherwise not very difficult out of the water suddenly become a challenge as soon as you get in the pool. Adults will benefit from performing everyday toning exercises in the pool, such as jumping jacks. “Women’s Fitness” recommends doing high jumping jacks and march-in-place exercises in chest-deep water.  

For those who would rather perform laps, endless pools are often the answer. These pools force swimmers to kick and swim against a constantly generated current. This negates the need to find an Olympic-size swimming pool to perform laps. Endless pools are also semi-private, as they usually only accommodate one person at a time.

Mayo Clinic recommends performing resistance exercises using a kick board. Hang onto the board width-wise on one side of your body. Move it back and forth in the water, working against the drag it creates.

Pool Exercises for Seniors

Seniors often sign up for exercises in the pool to relieve arthritis or other ailments of aging. Local community centers and the YMCA often offer these types of exercise classes.

According to Mayo Clinic, water exercise is ideal because it is low-impact. For seniors, this means pool exercises will be gentle on weak or painful joints.

Even if you’re a senior who doesn’t need rehabilitation, you can benefit from staying limber and active through exercises in the pool.

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