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Exercises With a Jump Rope

Jump ropes are a convenient and compact way to get a great cardio workout and they're fun to use!

Jump ropes are not just for playgrounds and professional boxers.  Experts agree that jumping rope is one of the most beneficial exercises around.  It’s a great cardio workout and strengthens the major muscle groups of the body at the same time.  So grab a jump rope, have fun like the kids and get a workout that some of the world’s most well-conditioned athletes swear by.

Getting Started

The only special equipment needed to get started are a good pair of shoes, a jump rope that is right for you, and just a little bit of space.  The rope should be long enough so that the middle of the rope just skims the ground when you jump.  The rope should also feel comfortable when gripping it tightly.  
Techniques:  The following are just a few different jump-rope techniques to get you having fun while working out.

Basic Jump

Hold the rope behind you.  Swing it overhead and move the rope forward.  Jump over it with your feet together.

Reverse Jump

Same as the basic, only you are moving the rope from in front of you to behind you.

Jogging Jump

This is also the same as the basic jump; only do not keep your feet together.  Switch back and forth like you would if you were jogging.  


Keep your feet together or jog.  Cross your left arm over your right when you jump, then bring your arm back over.  

Twisting Jump

This is like a basic jump but you twist your lower body from side to side.  

Double Under

When you are feeling confident with some of these basic jumps and want to kick your workout up a notch, move the rope fast enough so that it goes twice under your feet per jump.  


Try doing 10 jumps on the right leg and then 10 on the left with any combination of the basic jumps.  

Combine all of these jumps to create a fun and interesting workout.  Exercises with a jump rope can make you feel like a kid and a world class athlete at the same time!

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