Reach Your Fitness Goals

Exercising to Build Lean Muscle

Lean muscle mass increases metabolism and helps you burn fat faster - but how do you get it?

Exercising to build lean muscle is a good goal for both men and women. Even if you’re not looking to bulk up or become a bodybuilder, building lean muscle with exercise can help you burn fat, tone your limbs and improve your overall body image.

Protein Is Not Enough

Many people are under the impression that if they pack on the protein in their diets, they don’t need to exercise as much to build lean muscle. This theory is incorrect. Even though protein can assist you in building muscle, it won’t do so without exercise.

Take it Outside

Exercising to build lean muscle doesn’t have to be boring, either. You can burn fat by performing activities other than pushups, ab crunches and bench presses. Work some outdoor activities into your schedule, such as biking, hiking, jogging and swimming. Want to get your mind off your exercise? Invite friends or family to join you in activities that build lean muscle, and watch how you all progress together.

Strength Training

Strength training is also vital to building muscle. Strength training can be done at home, at a gym, or in a fitness class.

Weight is Just a Number

Realize that as you are gaining muscle mass, your body weight might change. If you were overweight to begin with, you might not lose as many pounds as you thought you would because you’re converting fat pounds into muscle weight. If you aren’t overweight, you might notice a slight increase in weight due to new muscle.

Incorporate Cardio

Don’t forget to work in plenty of cardio training in between your weight training as you exercise to build lean muscle. 30 minutes of cardio training performed at least 3 days each week is often the recommended amount of heart-healthy fitness for most individuals, but if you can’t maintain this threshold, break it down into smaller time segments and spread it out over more days each week.

Remember To Eat

Remember to eat small, healthy meals frequently throughout the day. Your body isn’t going to perform well as you build lean muscle if you’re starving it to decrease fat at the same time.

These tips will all help you build lean muscle successfully.

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