Reach Your Fitness Goals

Fat Burning Cardio Exercises

Incorporate cardiovascular exercise into your fitness routine to burn fat and reach your weight loss goal.

When it comes to training, there are various approaches you can follow; picking one will usually depend on your individual fitness goal. If you want to build muscle or increase strength, you need to focus your efforts on weight training. However, if your goal is fat loss you need to incorporate more cardiovascular training in order to reach your goal. There are several exercises that you can do to ensure that your training is always varied and interesting.

Group Aerobics

This is by far one of the best fat burning choices. These classes offer a variety of exercises and keep your heart rate high. Many health clubs offer a variety of these classes, including Hi-Lo, Aerobic Step and Body Conditioning. Exercising in a group can also serve as motivation to keep your training program on track.


Running or jogging burns calroies and it can be done virtually anywhere.  As you become fitter, you can increase the distance and speed of your runs.  Running is a whole body exercise so your heart rate will be near its maximum, increasing your fat burning ability. 

The Treadmill

Although treadmills are not always considered exciting, they can actually provide a great cardio workout. Instead of walking at the same pace for your entire workout, try to mix it up a bit. Start your program with a quick warm up session and then play around with the speed and incline. You will significantly increase your fat burning potential by exercising in intervals. Many treadmill machines have pre-loaded programs that you can choose from, like hills, interval training or heart rate goal training.  


Last but not least, remember that your diet will ultimately influence your results. You need to complement your training program with the appropriate diet program. Note: I know you’re going for general guidelines, but I feel like this is missing a great deal of information: swimming, elliptical, rowing, hiking, biking, etc. To me, the treadmill and running are basically the same thing so really there are two exercises listed here. It wouldn’t be hard to add a few more ideas! 

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