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Fun Exercises For Kids

Kids are often quite open to new things - find fun activities to get them moving.

Finding fun exercises for kids might not be as difficult as you’d expect. Kids are often surprisingly open to new activities if an older, respected teen or adult is doing it with them and if the word “fun” is involved. Of course, getting kids to exercise in general still depends on their natural proclivity (or lack thereof) to get active.If the child is active in sports, they’re probably more likely to participate in exercise than if they’d rather play video games all day.

The key in finding fun exercises for kids is to make sure the exercises are safe for small bones and muscles. You don’t want to stress their joints too much just because they’re young and you think they can “handle it.” Kids get hurt and injured during active work, too.

Strength Training

According to Mayo Clinic, kids should be discouraged from weightlifting and bodybuilding, as this practice is too strenuous on young joints and bones that haven’t reached their full growth points yet. However, children can practice strength training that uses their own bodies, light weights or flexible resistance tubes.

Outdoor Exercise

Fun exercises for kids can simply consist of outdoor games and activities. If they have access to gym equipment, an obstacle course makes for a great exercise. Incorporate climbing a rope, climbing monkey bars, sliding down fireman’s poles and running as fast as possible to and from each activity.

Targeted Exercise

For more specific exercises, let kids participate in partner exercises. Ace Fitness recommends that kids choose a partner and perform “toss and squat” exercises. Place both children in front of their own chair while facing each other about seven feet away.

One child should sit down on a chair and the other should be standing. The standing child should throw a ball, such as a basketball or medicine ball, to the sitting child. After receiving the ball, the second child stands up and throws it back. Meanwhile, the first child should sit down and be prepared to catch the ball.

This exercise can be performed more quickly than it sounds. When children get the hang of it, the chairs can be removed, and they can simply perform regular squats when catching the ball.

These fun exercises for kids can be used on a daily or every other day basis.

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