Get Ripped Like Thor

How Chris Hemsworth Obtained His Greek God-like Body

If you think that transforming your body into a Greek God’s physique in a short amount of time is impossible, think again. Just ask Chris Hemsworth, star of the movie, Thor. He turned his surfer style body into a chiseled work of art in a matter of only four months! Read on to find out how he gained 20 pounds to play one of Marvel’s greatest superheroes.

Eating to Win!

To help him gain mass, Chris drank 4-5 liters of water daily and consumed a high protein diet consisting of chicken breasts and protein shakes. Protein is responsible for the growth and development of lean muscle. According to Men’s Health magazine, the amount of exercising you do should dictate your protein intake. For instance, a man who works out 5 or more days per week for an hour or longer each time needs 0.55 grams of protein per pound. The benefits of protein go beyond stronger muscles, however. Protein also helps curb hunger and may help prevent obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Training Like a Warrior

Chris obviously had to spend plenty of time in the gym to bulk up for his role. Chris specifically did compound exercises which engage several muscle groups at one time. These types of exercises allow you to do whole body workouts in just a few different types of exercises. Isolation exercises, in comparison, work on one muscle group at a time. Common compound training exercises include deadlifts, bench and military presses, bent-over rows, pull ups, dips and squats. This type of training helps build muscle fast. Chris also followed a bodybuilder type protocol where he focused on high-weight, low rep moves which in order to build mass quickly.

Catching Some Zzzz's

In addition to eating and working out right, Chris adds in one more thing to the Greek God body equation – sleep. He put on 20 pounds by doing an equal balance of eating, working out and sleeping. Sleeping allows your body to heal small muscular tears caused by working out. Also, while you sleep, growth hormone is at its peak production while sleeping. Growth hormones are important in stimulating muscle growth and maintenance. Not getting enough sleep may cause you to gain weight since the way your body processes and stores carbohydrates is influenced by sleep, according to Harvard Health Publications. Additionally, a lack of good sleep has a negative effect on the hormones that regulate your appetite.

The Bottom Line

Chris Hemsworth is living proof that an normal person can look like a super hero as long as you’re committed and disciplined. One of the best things he incorporates in his training is sleep, something most people take for granted. While sleep gives your brain some rest, it gives your hard working muscles a time to heal fast and be ready for another hard workout.

In a Nut Shell

Pros: Chris seems to have nailed down the formula to get a chiseled body in no time. You can begin your transformation using a kettlebell which helped Chris build functional strength. Kettlebell workouts are a great combination of cardio and weightlifting.

Cons: According to Chris, the hardest part of his training was the blandness of his diet. He consumed a lot of dry chicken (white meat) to fulfill his high protein diet requirement. If you want to give his diet a try, keep in mind that not all protein is good for you. For instance, while cheese, bacon and whole milk contain high amounts of protein, they can also contain high amounts of sodium and cholesterol as well. Salmon, low fat dairy, lean beef and pork tenderloin are healthier protein alternatives, according to WebMD.

Rating: 3 out of 4 protein shakes

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