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Good Exercises To Start the Day

Exercising at the beginning of the day can be energizing, but start slow to warm your body up.

Exercising early in the morning is a delicate endeavor. According to Prevention magazine, exercising in the morning when your muscles are still in sleep mode can contribute to painful injuries. Good exercises to start your day will not only help you wake up but will be safe for your muscles and joints.

Wake Up

Before starting a workout, get out of bed and walk around a bit. Open the shades and turn on some music. It’s too tempting to go back to sleep instead of exercising, so letting in some noise and bright light will discourage your brain from giving into the urge to go back to bed.
You can perform some good exercises to start your day on top of your bed, but if you want to keep yourself from falling asleep again, lay on the floor or on an exercise mat. This will get your brain more into “workout” mode.

Start Slow

Some good exercises to start your day consist of gentler versions of exercises you do in the afternoon or evening. Approach them slowly to prevent injury to your spine and muscles.
Prevention magazine recommends doing some gentle abs crunches when you wake up. These are basically just slower versions of sit-ups. If you cannot keep your feet down on your own, wedge them under a recliner or other piece of furniture so you can more easily crunch up and down.

The arm yawn is another good exercise to start your day. This is a good one to do as soon as you get out of the shower. Roll up a hand towel width-wise, grasp it with one hand and lower it behind your neck. Grab the bottom end with your free hand. Pull it up, down and around, and hold it in each location for a few seconds before releasing.


When you wake up in the morning, you might find your neck is tense. Release the sleep tension from your upper core by doing neck rotations. Hang your head gently in front of you. Rotate it slowly clockwise and counter-clockwise to release it. Do some slow shoulder shrugs if you find the neck rotations didn’t quite do the trick.

These are all good exercises to start your day that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for work.

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