Reach Your Fitness Goals

Guide to Buying a Weight Bench

Know your goals and ask questions to determine what weight bench is right for you.


A good weight routine should be included in your fitness program.  It will help build muscles that support your body and your organs and increase your metabolism.  Before you buy a weight bench, determine what kind of exercises you want to do, how much space you have and what your future goals are. Be prepared to ask questions.  As always, try the weight bench before you buy it.  Some important things to consider include: 


 A weight bench should be adjustable for different exercises and different body types.  The arm length and height of the user will determine the positions that are needed. Different exercises will require you to put the machine into different positions.  Try moving the weight bench into different positions and locking it into place to see how easy it maneuvers. 


 Try sitting and laying on the weight bench . Ask what kind of padding is used.  If you are not comfortable, you will be less likely to use it regularly.  For durability and comfort, molded pads that contour the body are desirable.


Look for a heavy duty frame with strong robotic welds.  When you try the machine in the store, look for any shaking or rattling; the weight bench should be stable.

Safety Features

A machine with “safety catches” will prevent you from being injured if the weight is too heavy to return to the starting position.


As you progress, you may want to purchase additional equipment and a weight bench that has the option of adding attachments will save you money.

Cables and Pulleys

Nylon coated cables and sealed pulleys will last longer than those that are coated with plastic.  They will also function more smoothly.

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