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Guide to Buying Exercise Bands

Exercise bands are a great addition to a home gym, but there are many options to choose from.

There are many different exercise band styles to choose from to fit your fitness needs. Not surprisingly, these bands also vary greatly in price, from simple bands with handles to bands with Velcro straps and more comfortable grips. Pick the bands that best work with the exercises you perform and are most comfortable for you to use. This guide to buying exercise bands will help you determine how to do just that.

Exercise Bands without Handles

Therapy bands are popular exercise bands that work well for resistance training and physical therapy alike. These dual purpose bands are popular for sports enthusiasts who do resistance exercises as well as sports therapy.

Since these exercise bands ordinarily have no handles, users can tie a knot around their hand, wrist, arm, leg, ankle or foot to perform their exercises. Once tied, they can still be adjusted to fit several sizes if necessary.

Exercise Bands with Handles

Exercise bands with handles are great for many users because they work for a fixed exercise. Since exercise bands should be taut when handled, and not saggy in the middle, many users need certain sizes only. However, having only one size can limit the types of exercises you can perform, so you might need to buy three or four different sizes.

Exercise Bands with Velcro Cuffs

Those who wish to exercise with exercise bands around their ankles should consider exercise bands with Velcro cuffs. Not only are these adjustable for different size ankles and different locations on your legs, these exercise bands can be more comfortable and solid than those that you simply knot around your leg.

Which Resistance to Choose

Exercise bands range from very easy to very difficult in terms of resistance. If you don’t know which to buy, purchase bands specifically for your arms and bands specifically for your legs, or you might not get the optimal results out of your workout.

As a general guide to buying exercise bands, the size of the tubing is often indicative of how difficult it is to stretch. Thicker tubing is harder to stretch while thin tubing is usually easier. However, the exercises you perform will alter resistance difficulty as well. It’s often wise to outline which exercises you will perform ahead of time before making the ultimate decision as to which exercise bands to purchase.

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