How Taylor Swift's Healthy Lifestyle Helps Her Stay Balanced

She's America's sweetheart and girl next door. Learn why Taylor Swift is also a strong proponent of healthy living.

Taylor Swift seems to be in total control. She writes her own songs, sells out concerts worldwide and has dated some of the most eligible bachelors including Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner and Jake Gyllenhaal.  What few people do not know however, is that Taylor is also in control of her health.  While she is probably not the first person who comes to mind when you think of fitness, Taylor is very committed to keeping herself in great shape both physically and mentally, especially while touring.  So how does the Forbe’s #12 most powerful celebrity of 2010 stay healthy? Read on to find out.

Running Her Worries Away

Despite her hectic tour schedule, she manages to squeeze in an hour long run on the treadmill every day. In an article published on WebMD, she says that running is the only kind of exercise she enjoys. To beat boredom on the treadmill, she downloads fellow artists’ latest songs and runs to their beats. Running not only helps her clear her mind from stress while touring, but it also helps put her in a good mood so she can perform a full-length concert while feeling great.

Taylor most likely experiences a “runner’s high” which simply is a biochemical effect of exercise on the brain. Many runners claim that they feel great after a run and it is because of chemicals called endorphins that are released during the exercise. Endorphins are normally released by the body as a response to stress in order to reduce our perception of pain, but they also have an effect on mood. Researchers in Germany reported in the journal, Cerebral Cortex, that running elicits a flood of endorphins in the brain which are associated with mood changes including a euphoric feeling.

Reward Thy Self

Even though Taylor is naturally slim, she still watches what she eats. During the week, she eats healthy meals such as salads, yogurt and sandwiches and avoids sugary drinks. The weekends however, are a different story. She enjoys comfort foods such as burgers, fries, ice cream and cookies. Like most of us, Taylor has her daily Starbucks fix. During the week she has skinny vanilla lattes and on weekends she enjoys pumpkin spiced lattes.

One important rule that Taylor follows for healthy and balanced living is to “reward yourself.” She believes that if she worked out hard during the week, she’s earned a day or two to relax or to eat what she wants. Like many people who workout, Taylor has a “cheat day” where she enjoys something unhealthy. Cheat days are perfectly normal since they can actually help fight every day temptation for unhealthy eating.

Never Leaves Home Without a Water Bottle

Taylor also says she drinks so much water that her friends find it a bit abnormal. She always keeps a bottle with her and a case of it in her car. Most people know that water is “good for you,” but the question is why? According to the Mayo Clinic, every system in your body depends on it. For instance, water flushes toxins away out of vital organs, carries nutrients to your cells and provides a moist environment for your ears, nose and throat tissues.

Not having enough water can lead to dehydration which can drain your energy and leave you feeling tired. Taylor especially needs a lot of water to prevent this from happening. Many performers including Lady Gaga have been victims to dehydration and exhaustion form excessive stress and not having enough water in their bodies while on tour.

The Bottom Line

Taylor is a simple girl that many people can relate to. Her songs bring us back to our teenage days of chasing love which many times led to broken hearts. Like her music, we can also relate to her diet. We know that exercising can make us feel good and that sometimes eating a brownie on a Saturday after a tough week of working out isn’t such a bad thing. Her healthy lifestyle helps her stay focused, strong and fearless.

In a Nut Shell

Pros: When it comes to diet and exercise, Taylor goes back to the basics. She does cardio every day, eats the right food to stay slim and hydrates to keep her energy up. While genetics probably plays a factor in her sleek physique, she knows she has to exercise and eat right in order to make it through concert after concert.

Cons: There’s nothing really wrong with Taylor’s diet. The only thing to be wary of is the “cheat day.” Cheat day does not mean you can eat a whole pizza or bag of cookies. It means treating yourself to an indulgence while being in complete control. Be aware of your limits. If you think having another slice of pizza is a bad idea, it probably is.  

Rating: 4 out of 4 protein shakes

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