How to Get Vanessa Hudgens’ Sucker Punch Body

Learn how Vanessa got buffed and not bulky for her latest movie role.

Since its ending, a lot has changed for the stars of the hit show, High School Musical. They've moved on to star in television shows, make hit movies and record albums. One star in particular however, underwent a physical transformation to become one buffed fighting machine. No, it’s not Zac Efron; it’s his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens! Want to know what did she do to get rock hard abs and sleek, sculpted arms to co-star in a movie often described as Alice in Wonderland with guns? Read on to find out.

Build Strength

Like most women, Vanessa wanted a toned body without looking like a body builder to play her character in Sucker Punch. To achieve her goal, she worked with a trainer and did 90 minute workout sessions that included 50 pound kettle bells, ropes and tractor tires. These exercises worked on the full body rather than particular muscle groups which can cause you to bulk up. Vanessa did deadlifts using a bar bell instead of bicep curls or tricep extensions using free weights. Focusing on the entire body not only helps you get stronger, but helps you burn more calories. If you’ve never done a deadlift, learn the proper form in this video. If you’ve done deadlifts before, try a new way of doing them as shown in this video.

Build Endurance

In training for Sucker Punch, Vanessa had to build endurance in order to do her stunts over and over in just to get the perfect shot. Sometimes takes lasted all day, so Vanessa had to prep her body for the test of endurance. To do this, she did 16-20 reps of  planks and 500 reps of box jumps on a plyo box in her workouts! The planks worked her chest, arms and core while the box jumps toned her legs and butt. The intense exercises certainly came in handy when she learned martial arts basics and complicated fight choreography for her role.

Ditch the Junk Food

Vanessa used to be a teenager addicted to junk food. She lived on hot pockets, Cheetos, ice cream and never ate vegetables.  Her wake- up call came one day while on tour for the High School Musical Concert when she barely fit into one of her costumes. To get her life on the right food track, she started eating a healthy breakfast everyday including egg white omelets with vegetables or oatmeal with almonds. Her lunch and dinners include grilled salmon or chicken with marcona almonds, feta, truffle oil and a dash of pink Himalayan sea salt. Healthy meals are not only better for her waist line, but also give her the energy she needs to last through long workouts.

The Bottom Line

Vanessa’s intense training gave her a new self-confidence and took her to places she’s never been before, both physically and mentally, according to Shape magazine. So far, her life after High School Musical is definitely off to a great start!

In a Nut Shell

Pros: Vanessa’s diet and exercise plan is something many people can follow. Her diet is simple; all you really need to do is ditch the junk and processed food for healthy good. As delicious as ice cream and Cheetos are, they are not so forgiving on the hips. Consider adding a bit of protein to your diet since they are the building blocks to lean muscle. As far as her workouts, they are intense and require plenty of commitment, but the results are good and her buffed arms are proof.

Cons: Not everyone has access to Hollywood trainers or tractor tires. So getting Vanessa’s body exactly the way she did may not be possible for everyone. Fortunately, there are things you can do with just a few items, 30-35 minutes a day and in the comfort of your own home as shown here. There are even a few exercises you can do to strengthen your core which require 10 minutes a day or some space on the floor.

Rating: 4 out of 4 protein shakes

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