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How to Use an Exercise Band

Exercise bands offer great resistance training for those who don't have a large workout space.

If you’re getting into a new fitness routine, you might want to know how to use an exercise band. Exercise bands provide resistance training exercises to people who either don’t have room for home gym equipment or want to augment their home gym machine routines with varied workouts. 

Fitness enthusiasts can use exercise bands in a number of different ways to build and tone muscle and amplify their endurance. Exercise bands are often used with other training implements, such as Swiss balls. 

Before Using Exercise Bands

Always stretch or warm up before you use exercise bands. Just as with any other active endeavor, your body can suffer the effects of strain if you skip this important step. Doing simple stretches, such as reaching for your toes, shrugging your shoulders and doing the butterfly with your legs will help prepare you for a workout.

During Exercise Band Use

Exercise bands should fit the exercise just like a new pair of shoes – not too snug and not too loose. When you hold exercise bands, there shouldn’t be any sagging in the band when it is contracted. If it is loose, and you try to extend the band, your body won’t get the full workout it needs because you’re not working against as much resistance.

Working On Your Upper Body

Upper body workouts are popular exercise band routines. A good way to know how to use an exercise band is to remember that you can do many of the same exercises with exercise bands that you would ordinarily perform with dumbbells or barbells, such as bicep and tricep curls. Instead of stretching against your arms, place the exercise band beneath your feet and do curls by holding the handles on each side of your body. You can alternate arms or stretch them at the same time.

Be sure to keep a tight grip on the exercise band as you exercise, as you can get hurt if it slips out and snaps against your skin.

Working On Your Lower Body

You can make ordinary exercises, like squats, more difficult when you use exercise bands. Choose a band with heavier resistance than you would ordinarily use for your arms because your legs naturally have more muscle capacity to handle the resistance. Then, stand on the resistance band with the handles in your hands and pull up on the band as you squat down to increase tension.

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