Reach Your Fitness Goals

Ideas for Exercises To Do At Home

Home exercise can be cost effective, convenient and fun! Use these ideas to reach your fitness goals at home.

If you’re trying to find ideas for exercises to do at home that are results oriented and yet cost effective, look no further than simple free weights and resistance bands. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to invest in huge home gyms and the finest in cardio trainers to see results in your fitness routine.

Buy the Right Equipment

This doesn’t mean buying the most expensive exercise mats and the fanciest dumbbells money can buy. You’re looking for quality, not bells and whistles. Yes, choose exercise implements that will fit well within the confines and décor of your home, but don’t sacrifice your budget and practicality for looks and big name brands alone.

Change Your Routine

Let’s face it; home fitness can get boring, especially if you’re exercising by yourself each day. Choose your favorite exercises and pick one to perform each day between those that you don’t like as well. 

You Don’t Always Need Equipment

You can perform squats, push-ups, sit-ups, lunges and stretches all without the help of extra equipment. If you’re uncomfortable sweating all over your floor, consider getting an exercise mat that will add comfort to your workout.

Work in Some Stretches

Yoga and Pilates are both excellent ideas for exercises to do at home. While these don’t build strength necessarily, they can increase flexibility and improve their posture, something that doesn’t typically happen when training to build muscle. These exercises both use minimal equipment, and most of the time, this equipment is inexpensive. Some examples of equipment options include resistance bands, Pilates toning rings, balance balls and various blocks for height changes.

Look into Workout DVDs

You won’t be able to dream up hundreds of different exercises on your own to keep you busy. But with the help of workout DVDs, you can change up your routine and stay motivated at the same time. Tae Bo, Zumba dance, and cardio kick-boxing are often popular ideas for exercises to do at home.

Make Your Workout Fun

One day each week, substitute dance fitness for your workout routine. Dance fitness training will work your cardio skills, improve flexibility and enhance your endurance. You can get dance fitness ideas through video games or through professional dance fitness DVDs. 

Each of these ideas for exercises to do at home will help you break a sweat and see results in your home workout.

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