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Improving Posture with Exercise

Pilates and Yoga offer gentle ways to improve your posture while increasing muscle tone and endurance.

Choosing a structured stretching routine is a great way to start improving posture with exercise. While you’re working on your posture, you’ll also benefit from an enhancement in balance and flexibility as well as muscle tone and endurance. 


Pilates is one of the best structured stretching routines for improving posture. And while performing Pilates in and of itself will not correct a crooked spine or do miracles for every bone in your body, you will be inspired to sit up straight, walk tall and establish good posture habits to replace poor sitting and standing tendencies.

  • Breathing and Hollowing: Pilates is all about strengthening your core muscles. Once these are strengthened, you will naturally want to sit and stand up straight. Performing breathing exercises as you tighten your core muscles (or hollow them, as experts call it) will help you tighten your tummy bulge and improve your posture.
  • Spine Extension: Spine extensions not only strengthen your back, they help stretch your spine which will in turn improve posture. To perform this exercise, lay on your stomach and lift your head and arms, imaging your vertebrae stretching out as far as it can. 


Yoga is a perfect practice for people who sit at a desk all day long and work on the computer or answer phones. Our muscles tend to get sore and tired, and we rely on anything and everything around us to support our aching muscles. But with yoga, you can change your lifestyle and make sitting more comfortable.

  • Standing Poses: The dolphin pose and the extended side angle pose both stretch your back and work your spine, which is helpful for improving your posture. 
  • Bends: Backbends and forward bends challenge your spine and pelvic region while stretching and maintaining support using your muscles. 

Approach all new poses gently and slowly so as to prevent injuries.

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