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Introduction to Pilates Exercice Equipment

Pilates uses many different kids of equipment. This introduction will introduce the basics.

Pilates, just like many other exercises, utilizes props and equipment. While some students just use their bodies to assist them in improving muscle tone and breathing control, others utilize Pilates equipment to expand their skills and vary their routines. Using this introduction to Pilates equipment, you can determine which pieces you’d like to add to your Pilates workout.


A Pilates reformer looks a lot like a seated treadmill. With stability bars on each side of a seat and extendable handles for hands and arms in the front, a Pilates reformer helps with balance as it provides a little more resistance to the performer as they carry out normal Pilates exercises. Some reformers come with extra pieces that stack on top of the main body to support shoulders and provide additional exercise options.


Pilates mats come in several different lengths and styles, but keep an eye on your pocketbook as you shop. A standard mat might only cost $30 while premium styles will relieve you of $500 or more. The differences are found in the length, the type of material and whether they roll or fold for storage. Some mats are thicker and more cushioned than others, so choose which one is most comfortable for the exercises you perform.

Pilates Magic Circle

Sometimes called a Pilates ring, the magic circle is a resistance ring that Pilates students can place in between their legs, hands or arms. Covered in comfortable, flexible rubber, this ring enables students to comfortably press their limbs against each side of the ring to improve muscle tone and flexibility.

Foam Rollers

Foam rollers boast the double duty ability to massage your body as you perform exercises on top of it. Oftentimes, you might place a foam roller under your back or stomach as you lift your arms and legs in the air. Not only is this more comfortable, but it gives your abdominal muscles the extra challenge of maintaining balance off the ground.


The Orbit is another introduction to Pilates exercises equipment that can be used for many standard Pilates stretches. Built much like a skateboard, the Orbit is a cushioned board on coasters that can be used to suspend the limbs or core off the ground while performing stretches. The Orbit comes with handles for beginners who might not have the ability to stabilize themselves on their own.

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