Kim Kardashian’s Diet Plan

Kim Kardashian manages to turn heads wherever she goes. How does the curvy reality television star keep the paparazzi coming?

Reality television star and entrepreneur, Kim Kardashian and her sister are the faces of QuickTrim®, a line of nutrition supplements available at many retail stores. The supplements, along with a balanced diet, helped her lose 15 pounds in just a few weeks!  That’s about the weight of 2 infants. It’s easy to roll your eyes at this product and say “here we go again, another celebrity weight loss gimmick.” After all, it has a picture of Kim wearing a tight black mini-dress on the box. You kind of have to wonder how committed Kim really is to fitness.  Are ratings with “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” slipping? Perhaps this is just another way for her to make money. Anyway, let’s dive right into her diet plan.

The New Face of Fitness?

When Kim is not promoting her own perfume and jewelry lines, online shoe company, and designer clothing stores, she is proclaiming herself the poster child for fitness. In her blog, Kim says states that she works out an hour each day and shies away from excess sugar and carbs. She eats oatmeal or eggs with turkey bacon for breakfast and grilled foods, fruits, and vegetables for lunch and dinner. In addition to her diet, she takes Burn & Cleanse, a 14-day diet system by QuickTrim®. When 2 weeks seems like an eternity for her, she can always take FastCleanse, a 48-hour diet detox or Extreme Burn!TM, an 8-hour weight loss formula.

Here’s the Deal…

If you like taking multiple trips to the bathroom, then QuickTrim® is the product for you. According to a US News & World Report, QuickTrim® contains plenty of caffeine, a diuretic and stimulant that boosts metabolism. The supplements also contain piperine and white willow bark extract, which increase the potency of caffeine, and herbal laxatives that increase the movement of food and liquid in your intestines. A supplement loaded with caffeine and laxatives is a red flag. Taking in too much caffeine (>300mg) may cause insomnia, nervousness, irritability, gastrointestinal problems, irregular heartbeats, and other things, according to the Mayo Clinic. The herbal laxatives aren’t any better. Over the long term, they may be toxic and interfere with kidney functioning. Excessive water loss from diuretics and laxatives may also cause fainting from electrolyte loss, kidney stones, or possibly full-blown kidney malfunction.

The Bottom Line

In a promotional video for QuickTrim®, Kim tells you to “create the body you deserve, “(have) no more excuses, just results,” and asks, “how hot can you be?”  Kim may be pushing the limits with her legions of fans including 3 million following her on Twitter with a product that claims to “burn calories all day.”  Why would you want to burn calories all day? Maybe you would if you’re into that skinny emo look. Not only do you risk dehydration with QuickTrim®, but also vital nutrient depletion. Most experts recommend losing just two pounds a week for safe and long-term weight loss.  The initial weight lost with Kim’s product is water weight that comes back.  Keeping weight off with QuickTrim® is about as successful as getting a tan from a bottle. In both cases, the old you eventually returns.  A good tan, like a good weight loss program, takes time. Also, according to the American Health Association, following a weight loss regimen just for a few weeks does not give you a chance to learn how to permanently change your eating patterns to help you keep the weight off.  Miracles don’t happen overnight or even during a 14-day cleansing program.  A toned body requires a good diet a lot of gym time. If you want a quick, short-term weight loss supplement, QuickTrim® might be your answer, but for something longer-lasting, give up french fries and hit the gym.  Consider working with a nutritionist for the perfect plan for your body and a personal trainer who will help you understand what hard work really is.

In a nut shell:

Pros: QuickTrim® gives you fast, instant results when you need to turn heads at a wedding where you ex will be in 2 weeks.

Cons: Like most reality TV shows, the success of this diet will quickly fade. The key ingredients of the products will keep you in and out of the bathroom at the wedding you want to look hot at.  With QuickTrim®, you’ll probably only get in 2 dances, tops.

Rating: 2.5 out of 4 protein shakes

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