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Recumbent Exercise Bike Workout Ideas

Recumbent exercise bikes may be low impact but they can provide a challenging and effective workout.

Some people do not like exercise bikes because they find them boring and because they feel they don’t provide an effective workout. However, recumbent exercise bikes give you the opportunity to work out in different ways.  If you are trying to lose weight, a good weight loss exercise program should include a cardio workout and a recumbent exercise bike will provide that.  You do not have to be bored with using a recumbent bike though as there are several different ways you can work out to give you variety.

Here are some of the recumbent exercise bike workouts that you can do:


This is the typical workout for a recumbent bike user.  The user simply gets on and pedals and increases their time each workout.  

High intensity interval training (HIIT)

This type of workout involves using different resistance and speed combinations.  It starts with a 5 minute warm up at a moderate pace and a resistance level that you are comfortable with. As you continue, alternate with challenging and hard segments followed by a brief resting period.  The challenging segment should be at a pace and resistance level that you can maintain for 1 minute, but it should not be at your peak workout level.  The hard portion of the workout should be the highest level of resistance and speed that you can maintain for 1 minute --- you should be pushing your boundaries. The rest segment of 30 seconds is relaxed and much lower resistance and speed, but you should still be pedaling.  Repeat the cycle for 20-35 minutes and end with a 5 minute cool down.


If you really want to vamp up your weight loss program you can add weights while using a recumbent exercise bike.  Choose weights that are heavy enough to challenge you, but light enough that you will be able to do the exercise properly. You should follow the same guidelines as above, but when you do the hard segments you will add hand weights.  You can do bicep exercises like curls or you can do punches (to the left, then the right), shoulder presses, side raises, rows, tricep presses and other typical dumbbell exercises.  Make sure that the weight you use allows you to maintain control.


With this workout you should build up slowly to the point where you are maxed out.  Start with a moderate warm up (a level 8 is moderate for most people) and then build up by levels.  Each level you increase the resistance and decrease the time.  After the warm up, do 4 minutes at 11 resistance level, then 3 minutes at 13 and 2 minutes at 15.  Take 2 minutes to slow to a moderate pace where you are still pedaling but able to catch your breath.  Then do one more cycle starting at 12, increasing to 14 and ending at 16.  Finish it off with a 5 minute cool down.

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