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Safe Back Exercises For Pregnant Women

Back pain is a common complaint during pregnancy. A few simple exercises can help relieve it.

With so many changes in the body during pregnancy, it is no wonder that back pain is such a common complaint.  Back exercises and gentle stretching are a safe ways to achieve comfort and relief from back pain during pregnancy.  The following are a few safe exercises for pregnant women to do to decrease back pain due to pregnancy.  

Arm and Leg Raises

Kneel on your hands and knees as if you were going to scrub a floor.  Lift your right arm straight in front of you and your left leg behind you, while keeping your spine as straight as possible.  Hold for a few seconds and repeat using your left arm and right leg.  Alternate this 10 to 15 times. 

Cat Stretch

Kneel on your hands and knees for this stretch.  Keep your wrists under your shoulders and your knees under your hips.  Inhale slowly, and on the exhale, arch your back high like a cat.  Your body should be making a “C” shape.  Hold for a few seconds, and then repeat 10-15 times.  

Mini Crunches

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your lower back against the floor.  Lift your head and torso off the ground and hold for a few seconds.  This exercise will help to strengthen your lower back.

Pelvic Tilt

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor.  Try to flatten the lower part of your back by tilting your pelvis up.  Hold for 3-10 seconds and repeat.  

It is important to listen to your body when performing back exercises. .  If you experience any abnormal abdominal pain or discomfort while exercising, stop immediately and consult with your physician.  

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