Selena Gomez's New Diet

When Selena Gomez compained of nausea, the tabloid rumor milll went crazy. Her diet however, was the one to blame. What happened and what is she doing to get better?

Teen pop star, Selena Gomez seems to have it all…good looks, a promising singing career and a not-so-ordinary boyfriend named Justin Bieber. Recently however, there was one thing missing from her life – a good diet. On the surface, she’s a healthy looking teenager, but her busy career recently left her hospitalized from malnutrition. After doing an interview on the Tonight Show, she complained of headaches and nausea which stirred the gossip writers to speculate that she was pregnant. This was not the case however. She was told by doctors that she was low on iron, suffered exhaustion and needed to change up her diet. So what does she do now to stay healthy and keep her pop star status? Read on to find out.

Pump iron – the mineral, that is!

So what happens to you when you don’t have enough iron in your body? Being low in iron can lead to iron-deficiency anemia. Symptoms of the condition include fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, headache, coldness in your hands and feet, pale skin, and chest pain, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). While a poor diet may be to blame for anemia, blood loss or the inability to absorb enough iron from food are also reasons. In Selena’s case, she was not taking in enough iron in her diet. Excellent sources of iron are meat, chicken, fish and iron-fortified food. For non-meat lovers, iron can be obtained from iron-fortified breads, cereals, dried fruits, spinach, tofu and dark green leafy vegetables.

The Culprit

Selena’s health problems were not due to not eating enough; she just did not eat right. Like many girls her age, the biggest problem in her diet was junk food. According to recent interview on, Selena said that she loves everything that is possibly not good for and find a way to make healthy food, unhealthy. For instance, she had to have her spinach creamed and cheese on her broccoli. She was also a huge fan of junk food and consumed plenty of M&M’s, KitKat bars, Snickers and Goobers. She promised herself to curb the junk food and take daily vitamins with iron in order to get on the right track to a healthy recovery.

Diet Change Up

Giving up junk food can be a hard habit to break. It’s fast, easy, cheap and everywhere around us. The problem however, is that it can leave you tired and bloated. MTV News’ nutritionist, Lisa C. Cohn, M.M.Sc., R.D., from Park Avenue Nutrition, recommends that Selena refrain from foods containing additives such as high fructose corn syrup or processed fats such as trans fats. A lot of junk food contains these things which can zap away energy, which is not good for Selena especially when she has a concert to perform. Energy boosting alternatives include fresh greens, beans, lentils, chick peas, fresh cilantro and berries. The nutritionist also recommends that she consider dairy-free substitutes such as soy or almond milk which is better for the voice, breathing and digestion. Instead of candy bars, on-the-go snacks in a baggie such as baby carrots, celery sticks or cucumbers with a side of hummus for dipping are excellent substitutes. Peanut butter with bananas is also another great snack as it a good source of healthy fats which will keep her fuller longer.

The Bottom Line

Skinny does not equal healthy. Selena’s high metabolism kept her slim, but her diet put her in the hospital. It was only a matter of time before her bad habits caught up to her, but thankfully she is taking the right steps towards recovery.

In a nut shell

Pros and Cons: There was nothing good about Selena’s diet and exercise plan before her hospital scare. She basically ate what she wanted and rarely worked out. Her only form of exercise was dancing on stage during her performances, but with junk food serving as her fuel; it left her running on empty. In addition to MTV’s nutritionist recommendations, Selena should eat her regular meals with protein especially since her iron levels were low. She certainly doesn’t need to eat a whole chicken, but adding egg whites, lentils, soybeans or lean turkey to her meals will help keep her energy up and her stomach full.

Rating: Selena’s old diet is 0 out of 4 protein shakes…her new diet which cuts out the junk food and includes daily vitamins is 4 of 4 protein shakes!

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