Reach Your Fitness Goals

Strategies to Keep Exercising

Use these tips to keep yourself accountable to exercise and stay fit.

There’s always a reason or excuse to skip out on exercise, whether it’s to pick up the kids from a game, going to a big meeting, scheduling a date or just doing work that needs to be done around the house. While this is more difficult for some than others, keeping up with a workout can be a challenge for all. Whatever the case, you can use these strategies to keep exercising and stay focused on your fitness goals.

Keep a Diary

Don’t just write down what you eat – log how many minutes you exercised and which exercises you performed. Each week, make a new list of exercises to work into your routine and write them down in scheduled increments. You’re more likely to carry out those goals if you see them written in a time slot.

Make it Noticeable

Many people pen lofty fitness and image goals on a sheet of paper and then stuff it away with their socks. Don’t! The whole purpose of your workout gets defeated when you forget your goals and lose your focus. Instead, break the goals into bite size pieces on separate sheets of paper and stick a new piece on the mirror each night. When you wake up in the morning, your goal will be to complete whatever you wrote on the paper.

Listen to Music

Nothing gets you moving like music, especially if you’re spending 20-30 minutes on an elliptical. Get your mind off how tired your body feels by playing music. However, playing with your music player can also get distracting. Create playlists of “best hits” ahead of time so you’re not spending precious exercise time fiddling with your tunes and picking new beats.

Work with a Partner

Not everyone is comfortable working out with another person, but for those who are, it  is one of the best strategies to keep exercising. Not only does it keep you accountable for showing up for your workout, it gives you someone to interact with and make the exercise time go faster.

Set Reminders

Your cell phone, iPod device and email client are all capable of sending automated alerts. There’s no excuse not to use these as a free way to remember to exercise every day.

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