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The Truth Behind Exercise Belts: Do They Work?

Exercise belts can work as part of a larger fitness routine, but they are not a "magic" solution to weight loss.

The answer to that question is yes and no. When used as part of an overall nutrition and exercise plan, then yes exercise belts do work. However if you think that by simply strapping an exercise belt on and not doing anything physical or active that you will develop those “six pack abs” everyone is always talking about, then no they don’t work.

False Claims

The claims that have been made by some manufacturers of their line of exercise belts specifically Fast Abs, AbTronic and AB Energizer became so blatant that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed complaints against these companies. Settlements were reached; however, the makers of those exercise belts can no longer make claims that the belts work without you having to follow any type of exercise plan as they had previously advertised.

Do Research

You’re going to still see companies selling exercise belts saying that they can help you get that flat, firm tummy you’ve already wanted. One such item is the Contour Courbelt System®. A visit to their website, however, will reveal that they have taken out much of the “hype” and replaced it with more believable wording, which by the way, just happens to emphasize importance of a fitness exercise routine that includes a sensible nutrition and exercise plan.

No Quick Solutions

No matter how badly we want it to be true, the fact is that there is no “magic pill” or “magic machine” or “magic” anything that will help us maintain a healthy weight and have a trim, toned and fit body. It can only be done by watching what we eat and getting enough exercise. So get moving!

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