Reach Your Fitness Goals

Tips for Eating Before Exercise

Eating the right foods before exercise can make your workout more effective.

Eating certain foods before working out may improve your performance. Knowing which foods to eat will help you feel energized and still keep you from unwanted weight gain. Here are some of the best tips for eating before exercise that will help you decide what to pick for your next pre-workout mini meal.

Skipping meals before exercise does not mean your body will  burn more fat. You’ll just wear yourself out more quickly and fall short of your fitness goals. Eating small meals will get your body’s metabolism in gear and encourage it to burn off the food in your stomach as well as the fat on your body.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

It doesn’t matter if you exercise at morning, noon or evening. You need to eat a healthy breakfast to get the most out of your workout. Eat foods that have the right kind of carbohydrates, like yogurt and fruit. Don’t load up on foods with bad carbohydrates, like frosted donuts or sugary cereals.

When to Eat Your Big Meals

None of your meals should be so big you feel uncomfortable after eating. However, you’re likely to have one big meal a day, whether it’s lunch or dinner. The key is to eat that big meal several hours before or after exercise, but not within an hour of exercising on either side, or you could get muscle cramps.

What to Drink

Drinks that are rich in protein, such as whey shakes or skim milk, are a great way to get some extra energy into your body before a workout. Sports drinks are also good sources of carbohydrates, but they won’t necessarily provide the protein that whey drinks will.

Eat Less Food Close to the Workout

Consider eating smaller, more digestible foods like pieces of fruit or an energy drink if you intend to eat right before a workout. Otherwise, make sure all other food with more substance is eaten at least 20 minutes prior to the workout.

One of the best tips for eating before exercise is to pick foods that don’t upset your stomach. If you have a problem drinking whey shakes or find that plain fruit burns a hole in your stomach, substitute it for something of equal dietary value.


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