Reach Your Fitness Goals

Why You Should Track Your Exercise

Tracking your exercises allows you to more effectively set, achieve and adjust your fitness goals.

Many people start an exercise program without a real plan and quickly lose focus. This  is one of the major reasons why many people stop exercising.  While a plan is good, it does not help much if you do not track your progress as you workout.  You should track not only your exercise plan, but your diet in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

More Motivation

Seeing your accomplishments and your progress over a period of time gives you a better picture of what you have done and where you have succeeded so it motivates you to continue.  Motivation is one of the key reasons why people are successful in their exercise plans.

Track Performance

Knowing how well you are performing can show you when you need to add to your exercise plan or when certain exercises are not working for you. If you are having trouble with a certain exercise you can change it or you can get help from a trainer or a friend that is a fitness guru. 

Increases Effectiveness

 Having a tracking record gives you a written document that you can reference in order to increase the effectiveness of your workouts. If you are finding your workouts too easy, you can see places where you can increase the intensity or the weight to have better results.

Make Adjustments

Tracking your exercise allows you to see when your goals have been reached so you can set new ones. Alternatively, if your goals are not being met, you can re-adjust them so that they are more attainable.

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