How do I get more personal training clients?

There are many ways to go about attaining new clients for your personal training business. Sharing your knowledge of fitness, being fit yourself, and having a multitude of NCCA certifications are just three of many suggestions to attract new clients to your business.

How much money does a personal trainer make?

The average yearly salary of a personal trainer ranges from $25,098 to $50,537. There are many factors that go into this large difference in the personal trainer pay scale. By taking into consideration these factors and customizing your career, you can make the money you want to make as a personal trainer.

Which personal trainer certifications are best?

The best personal trainer certifications are those with a seal of approval from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Several of these organizations are listed in the article below.

How do I promote personal training?

Personal training must be promoted on the basis of trust, competence, and spreading the word. A personal trainer relies upon clients who pay for services, and tells other folks about those great services. This article offers specific suggestions on how to spread the word about what you do and how well you do it!

How do I sell personal training at a gym?

To run a successful personal training business, you need to increase your client base by closing more sales. Personal training certification, and the related courses, should have prepared you for designing workout plans and advising clients on good nutrition and the best exercises. However, it may not have prepared you for the grueling, but necessary, sales aspect of the job.